Sustainibility : about us

Since 2011

Sustainibility is a way of Life

Sustainibility : why ?

We chose to come and live in Talamanca for several reasons:
– the protection of 90% of the territory and its great richness in fauna and flora
– the absence of major tourist structures favoring small human-sized structures
– Multiculturalism with Afrocaribbean cuture and indigenous culture
– The kindness of the population
3 Bamboo opened in 2012 with a concept of fully equipped houses in a tropical garden and a hotel service.

One of the main lessons we learned in Costa Rica is the impact that our small-scale activity can have on the environment and local people.

For that, we decided to follow the rules of a sustainable and controlled tourism in order to mitigate the impact of the tourist activity and to contribute to a durable and harmonious development of the region in which we live.

As a European and especially as Swiss, it was not easy at first. Our vision was ecological but did not take into account the human factor. That is the most important in sustainibility in Costa Rica. We have had to re-learn and adapt to our new country.

The result is an incredible human adventure that we will be happy to share with you.

Our mission


Offer our guests an experience full of harmony, originality and exclusivity with personalized and friendly attention of every moment and of all our staff. Maintain our commitment to sustainability, to the environment, to our comunity,  with professionalism and efficiency. Offer our community a source of work with respect for each.


Our vision


Reaching a leader position and consolidate it at medium term as a sustainable business that promotes and practice responsible tourism. With nature, with culture and wellness of our guests

Our commitment to sustainibility

  • Programs for saving water, energy and responsible waste management, ensure responsible and seek to inculcate our visiting customers to everyday practical actions such as recycling, turning off taps and lights.
  • Our employees are locals and we do not discriminate based on gender, age or ethnicity
  • Our employees access to training program as first aid, pool managing, recycling, codigo de conducta, security …
  • Waste recyling. We are one of the representants  at the Municipal Comity of GIRS (integral management of Waste)
  • Program for saving water and are part of the management of the rural acqueduct to help our area saving water and protecting our rivers.
  • We provide to our guests dispensers of drinking water to permit them don’t buy plastic bottles.
  • We don’t use chemicals products in our garden and do weeding by hands
  • Limit outdoor lighting by night to not disturb wildlife
  • Use of focused sustainable and biodegradable cleaning products
  • Provide to our guests biodegrable soaps and shampoo and toilet paper.
  • Use saving bulbs or LED
  • Most of our providers are from our area
  • Promote local culture especialy afrocaribbean and Indigenous cultures as part of Somos Talamanca and Somos Caribe
  • Promote local protected area as Cahuita National Park, Manzanillo Wildlife refuge
  • We support monthly beach clean-ups.
  • We are involved in the security area by participing in the Tourism Security Comitee and representing  Plataforma Turismo Caribe at the Municipal Emergency Comitee.
  • Participate to the promotion and the sustainable development of the area with the Plataforma Turismo Caribe